Introducing a read and bill system that allows the DU/EC to read their legacy meters with our new Kuryentxt Application using any Android phone. The Kuryentxt App Read and Bill System is easy to use. The DU/EC’s meter readers can download the application from the Google Play Store using an android phone. To activate the App, a product key is required before you can use it. The system provides the product key to be issued by the authorized DU/EC, once entered the app can now be used. This is one of the security features of the system to make sure that only authorized meter readers can use the App.

Once activated, the DU/EC can now sync the App to the servers to download the latest rates and consumer data in the application, data is backed-up in the servers. The meter readers can now start to read the legacy meters and enter the readings in the App. The unbundled bill will be printed out using a portable Bluetooth printer. An official receipt can be generated as well, once the meter readers accepts payment form the consumers. Consumers can still pay their bills at the DU/EC main office or sub-office using the web-based POS portal that comes with the system.

The Kuryentxt App has a lock-and-block system as a fail-safe. As such, meter readers must regularly sync the app to update the app and the servers and remit collected payments to the DU/EC main office to continue the use of the application, thus improving collection.

The system with its streamline process has a user friendly web-based portal where the DU/EC can access the data anywhere and synchronize their data across devices. It requires no in-house maintenance of infrastructure to support applications.

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Kuryentxt is a SAAS (Software as a Service) application which allows Distribution Utilities to offer Prepaid Electricity Services (PES) to its customers. Used in conjunction with a SYMSTREAM-GSM enabled Automated Meter Reading (AMR) solution, Kuryentxt gives DUs the immediate capability to offer Prepaid Electricity Service to its retail customers. The use of GSM voice channel to transmit data to and from the back-end servers, assures a higher SLA in communications as opposed to systems using shared protocols such as GPRS.

As Kuryentxt is offered on an SAAS basis, DUs do not need to make large investments in IT infrastructure to host and operate the prepaid system engine. Our Kuryentxt AMR system reads each meter in 30 minutes interval (nominal) and updates each meter's remaining credit balance at the same time. As the remaining balance is calculated at our back-end servers, the DU is guaranteed a secure and reliable environment for PES.

Our system aggregates all the customer top-ups on a daily basis and the amounts are remitted to the DU at the end of business day by our banking partner who maintains fiduciary custody of all monies involved in the transactions. For full transparency, retail customers may log-in to the Kuryentxt portal to view their current virtual bill and top-up transaction history.

Customers may also opt to receive low-balance and other system related SMS alerts such as top-ups, disconnects and reconnects on a VAS basis. Top-ups are accomplished via SMS and a nominal transaction fee is charged by the retailer. It is our intention to utilize existing telco airtime load retailers in the distribution of KuryenTxt loads. This assures that customers do not have to go far to top-up.

DU's will only have to invest in our Libra meters that are both Postpaid and Prepaid capable and a Data Concentrator for each transformer circuit. Libra meters are available in both ANSI Form 1S and 2S with an accuracy of 0.5%.