Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


It is an electricity service wherein the consumer must pay first before he/she could use electricity.

Prepaid electricity is very affordable, convenient and the simplest way for customers to manage their consumption of electricity.

No more tricycle, jeep or bus fares to go to the cooperative office. No more long lines to the cashier because one can buy their electric loads from the sari-sari stores.

No more worries of big electric bills and reconnection fees because you can buy your electric loads for Php100.00 only.

Prepaid electricity is a service that uses a Prepaid metering system designed to allow a residential customer to purchase credit or electric load from a sari-sari store.
We hope to have our first launch and actual implementation on or before the middle of the year, 2011. We are working closely with the different distribution utilities around the country. There are pilot runs in Luzon and Mindanao and soon in the Visayas. All of the roll-outs will depend on the approval of the ERC.


No, Prepaid service is on a voluntary basis. Customers have the option to apply for Prepaid service for a period of six months, on a TRIAL basis. This is to enable the customer to assess the impact of using the Prepaid service.

After the six-month trial period, the customer who chooses to go into Prepaid service shall enter into a contract with the Distribution Utility with a retention period of 24 months. After the 24-month lock-in period, the customer may revert back to postpaid. Should the customer decide to go back to Prepaid, he/she is committed again to complete the 24-month lock-in period. There is no lock-in period for postpaid. However, all outstanding obligations must be settled with the Distribution Utility first before getting into Prepaid.

Your electric cooperative or your distribution utility will announce the availability of the Prepaid service in your area. Customers will have the option to apply for a Prepaid retail electric service on a voluntary basis, subject to its availability in your locality.

Yes, the meter will be changed to a special Prepaid meter.


No, it is not mandatory. A consumer must apply to avail of the Prepaid service.

Current Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) ruling says that there should be no charge for the Prepaid meter. For the Prepaid meter, since this is a special meter that carries special features that can help consumers manage their electricity bills better, ERC is studying the best way to address this matter. We will publish the final ruling of ERC regarding this matter as soon as it is official on our website.


It is conveniently available in the sari-sari stores in your neighborhood where you also buy your cell phone electronic load.

All you need to do is give your meter number and corresponding amount to purchase your electricity load. Purchase will be made through mobile phone transaction in the sari-sari store just like the ordinary mobile e-load.

The vendor will key-in:

KeywordCustomer's Meter No.Amount


“kwload 1110000000 100”

then send to 2861.

Currently, only Php100.00 denominations are available. As the need arises, we may create lower or higher denominations. A transaction fee of Php10.00 will be required for every Php100.00 electric load that is purchased.

The customer can load as much credit load as he needs.

There is no expiration date on the credit loads.

Yes you can. You need to register your cell phone number in the system by typing,keywordCustomer's Meter No.password


kwreg 1110000000 password

then send to 2861.

Once your load reaches the threshold of Php50.00 you will get an automatic text alert.

Just type “kwbal”, send to 2861.

Note: You can inquire about your balance ONLY when your mobile number is registered.

To see complete keywords and procedures, please see fig. in item no.27.

You can receive the alert in two ways. First, your meter will flash a red LED light when your balance reaches the threshold amount of Php50.00.

Second, once your mobile number is registered in the system, you will receive a low balance alert when your balance reaches the amount of Php50.00 thru text. You will be charged Php2.50 for each text.

However, should you want to check your balance before or after the regular low balance alert, you may type “kwbal” then send to 2861. You will be charged Php2.50 for each inquiry.

To Register, type the following:

keywordMeter No.password


kwreg 1110000000 password

then send to 2861.

Note: Once your mobile number is registered, you will be charged Php2.50 for each inquiry and alerts/notification.

then send to 2861.

Once the balance is updated after the top-up, power will be restored in 7 minutes or less.

As a special feature, there will be NO disconnection between 4pm up to 9am. However, it is expected that you will buy your electric-load as soon as the sari-sari store opens. If the system does not receive any reload by 9am, your electricity will be cut.

Whatever amount of load that you used overnight will be automatically deducted from the amount you loaded by 9am.

There are at least 3 ways the customer can check his/her loading history.

First is via ONLINE. Customer should log in to the Xen Energy Systems, Inc. (XESI) portal ( Click “Consumer” tab, type your Meter No. and password.

Second is by going to the electric cooperative or distribution utility office and ask for a print-out of the load history.

Third is by registering your mobile number so that you can save in your cell phone all loading and low-load notifications.

You can check the electric consumption in the meter. It shows the current consumption and previous 30 day KWH consumption.

Customers can check it also ONLINE or you can visit your nearest electric cooperative branch to ask for a print-out of your actual electric consumption.

The Prepaid system is designed to address the once-a-month woes of a lot of our countrymen. Instead of worrying about electric bills that is difficult to pay, the Prepaid system allows the consumer to buy in smaller denominations i.e. Php100.00 equivalent to 3 days consumption of electricity, depending on the power usage. Therefore electric power becomes AFFORDABLE.

The Prepaid system also makes it convenient for the consumer because you can now buy your e-loads from the sari-sari store in your neighborhood. Prepaid e-loads are very ACCESSIBLE to everyone.

Prepaid electric system is also very SIMPLE to use. You can top-up your Prepaid meter just like getting a load for your mobile. You just have to give your meter number and the corresponding amount to the sari-sari store and in 7 minutes or less, your Prepaid meter is already loaded.

In cases of lost SIM cards or lost cell phones, as long as you have made arrangements with your telecoms to retain your old number, the system will keep your number also.

On the other hand, the system can always accommodate a new number for your name.

You may go to your electric cooperative to report this matter or you may call the Customer Service Hotline: (0917)-538-7391 which is also available 24/7 to help you.